Law office Šćepanović Interpretation and translation services for English, German and Russian by permanent court interpreters who are part of our team Representation of domestic and foreign natural and legal persons before the courts and state bodies of the Republic of Croatia

Our services

Representation of domestic and foreign natural and legal persons before the courts and state bodies of the Republic of Croatia in various types of disputes

Legal counseling and legal advice

Drafting of contracts and other types of legal documents

Undertaking of all kinds of legal actions in the fields of civil and commercial law

Interpretation and translation services

Law areas

Commercial law

  • Preparation and drafting of documentation for the establishment of companies and status changes of companies
  • Formation of companies, branches, representative offices, mergers and divisions
  • Acquisition of company business shares
  • Legal transformation of companies
  • Consultancy regarding ownership / management rights of a company
  • Consultations and implementation regarding the company liquidation process
  • Representation in disputes within the jurisdiction of Commercial Courts

Bankruptcy Law

  • Consultations on opening bankruptcy proceedings
  • Filing claims in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Participation in the work of the bankruptcy creditors' committee
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in disputes

Real Property Law

  • Property surveys, cadastral and land books surveys
  • Due dilligence
  • Drawing up and consultations regarding contracts for real estate acquisition / encumbrance
  • Counseling and representation in land registry procedures
  • Consultations, drafting and analysis regarding construction contracts
  • Representation in disputes concerning real estate

Law of Obligations

  • Legal advice and representation in negotiations
  • Drafting of all types of contracts
  • Analysis and interpretation of contracts and contractual obligations

Copyright Law

  • Counseling and representation regarding Copyright Law
  • Drawing up intellectual property contracts

Labor Law

  • Counseling employers/workers on the rights and obligations arising from employment
  • Drawing up employment contracts and managerial contracts
  • Drafting of general acts and decisions in the field of labor law
  • Representation in labor disputes

Family Law

  • Legal counsel and prevention of Family Law disputes
  • Drafting of marriage contracts
  • Drafting of contracts / agreements for the division of marital heritage
  • Representation in matrimonial / child dependency disputes
  • Representation in status disputes
  • Drafting of claims and representation in matrimonial / extramarital matters

Legal counseling

  • Counseling and legal opinions on the rights of parties and on regulations

Housing Law

  • Representation in cases of apportioning land property units and land registry entries
  • Representation in procedures related to rent, lease, protected tenant status, right to acquire an apartment, cancellation of rights, eviction and / or other related rights


  • Drafting of all types of contracts and statements

Collection of Claims

  • Filing enforcement proposals
  • Representation in enforcement proceedings and connected litigation proceedings

Hereditary Law

  • Drafting of wills
  • Drafting of documents in the field of inheritance law
  • Representation in inheritance proceedings

Administrative Law

  • Representation in all administrative proceedings
  • Representation in property restitution proceedings
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Representation regarding issuance of location and building permits
  • Drafting of administrative claims and representation in administrative disputes


Law office Šćepanović

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